As one of the best arcades in Massachusetts, Platinum City Gaming offers customers a spin on the expected. Unlike other big-name gaming companies, we provide our gamers with not only the latest games in the industry but retro gaming as well! How can you fully appreciate the latest technologies without an appreciation of how it all started?


In this article, we’re bringing you back to the past to delve into the early history of video gaming.

The Early Beginnings

If we look at it today, the earliest interactive electronic games wouldn’t even be considered a video game – but in those days they were just that. In 1947, the cathode-ray tube amusement device was introduced as the first ever interactive electronic game. The device consisted of knobs and switches and was based around beam spotting. However, the 1950s brought the first true video games with creations like Tennis for Two, OXO, and Spacewar!

The Industry Boom

With an increasing number of programmers, the digital gaming world was rapidly expanding in interest and capabilities. By the 1970s, the industry reached new heights with the coin-operated arcade game released by Atari, Inc., Galaxy Game, which was followed by Computer Space and the ever-famous Pong. It was also during this period that the first at-home gaming console, the Magnavox Odyssey, was released. The Odyssey sold for $100 and included games such as Table Tennis. A mere three years after its release, more than 350,000 units were sold.


We want to take a moment here to give credit where credit is due. In an industry of rapid growth, Pong became the game changer. This coin operated game is recognized as the “usher in a new chapter of video game history,” with its creation based upon Tennis for Two.
Released for commercial sale in 1972, Pong quickly sold over 8,000 units. Furthermore, it became the inspiration for copycat games across America, Europe, and Japan. The game was simple – a two dimensional version of table tennis where players control a “paddle” up and down to bounce the “ball” back to the opponent. The goal was to reach eleven points first and was easily played one-handed.

Pong became such a success that Atari produced sequels in years to come. With Super Pong, Quadrapong, and Pin-Pong, the industry grew in technology, skills, and consumer interest.


Today, gamers can enjoy variations of Pong on platforms such as PlayStation, Nintendo DS, and even at casino slot machines associated with Bally Gaming and Systems. However, as one of the best arcades in Massachusetts, customers can also journey back to the past at Platinum City Gaming.

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