While video games have evolved tremendously, the best arcades in Massachusetts are still in touch with the good old days. Although the younger generations laugh at the games the older generations thought were awesome, they are the backbone of what we know have.

Before home video games came about, arcades were one of the top-grossing industries in the country. Bringing in an absurd amount of revenue, programmers were creating new games left and right. And while some of those games we can’t even remember the name, others we are taking our hats off to.

In this article, we’re highlighting the top 10 selling arcade games of all time – how many have you played?


Out Run

Sega’s best selling cabinet game of the 1980s, Out Run also won the most popular arcade game of the year in 1988. With an all-time record of 30,000 cabinets sold and earning over $393 million in revenue, this racing game was the influencer for many more to come.



Competing with Space Invaders, Galaxian held its own selling 40,000 cabinets in the United States alone. The primary difference between the two? Galaxian was full color and displayed enemies with more complexity and design. Let the battle of the space invaders begin!



Published by Atari, Centipede is another classic 1980s shooting game where the Bug Blaster must stop the enemy from reaching the bottom of the screen. Selling 55,988 cabinets and earning over $115.5 million, as silly as it sounds, Centipede is a tough contender.



Less known but making the charts, Williams Electronics released Defender in 1981. In fact, Defender is the company’s most well-known and top-grossing arcade games ever. As an inspiration to horizontal shooting shoots to come, Defender was considered highly complex for its time.



Ranking 5th in the all-time best-selling arcade games is another Atari release, Asteroids. Selling 100,000 cabinet units and bringing in over $1.5 billion, this asteroid dodging game brought the gaming movement to the next level.


Ms. Pac-Man

Targeting the female demographic, Ms. Pac-Man did anything but disappoint. With over 125,000 cabinet units sold and revenues of nearly $1.3 billion, Ms. Pac-Man impressed players with new mazed and sophisticated ghosts.


Donkey Kong

Possibly one of the biggest key players in arcade games, Donkey Kong invented platform gaming. Released by Nintendo in 1981, this game sold 133,000 cabinet units and brought in $710 million. Not only is Donkey Kong a favorite among players worldwide, but it’s also a favorite for high score chasers.


Street Fighter II

As the first competitive fighting game, Street Fighter took the world by storm. So, when the solidified second version was released, you better believe it was an instant hit. Some attribute the success to the recovery of the arcade in the early 1990s. Combined, Street Fighter, Street Fighter II, and the Championship Edition sold 400,000 cabinet units for approximately $4 billion.


Space Invaders

Earning more in its opening year than Star Wars, Space Invaders is hands-down an arcade legacy. With the most straightforward graphics and missions, this game quickly became an addictive pastime of many. Selling 360,000 cabinets and earning over $6 billion, if there’s one blast from the past you’ll introduce to your kids, this is the one.



And here we are, the number one top-selling arcade game of all time. And it comes as no surprise that Pac-Man is taking the charts. A game still beloved today, Pac-Man was first released in 1981 by Namco. Since, the game remains one of the highest-grossing and best-selling series of all time, generating over $14 billion in revenue and $43 million in sales.


There you have it – the top ten arcade games of all time. As one of the best arcades in Massachusetts, our team at Platinum City Gaming is excited to offer our players a wide selection of retro games! For more information on memberships, parties, and the multitude of offerings here at Platinum City Gaming, give us a call today (774) 501-2749.