With the weekend approaching, one of the biggest internet searches is for local bars and “things to do” in your area. Putting a hectic week of work and schooling aside, going out for dinner and drinks is always a quick, welcome getaway. However, what if we told you that you could have even more fun while still having those adult beverages? Barcades are one of the fastest growing trends around the country. And for very good reason.


Arcade meets bar, and it was love at first sight.

If you’ve never heard of, or never experienced an arcade bar (barcade), now is the time. As a growing trend, arcade bars are not only a great escape from a long week, but also a great way to revisit your favorite childhood memories. As you enter the door, the sounds instantly transport you to earlier days when challenging your friend for bragging rights was one of the many highlights of the night. Beyond the thrill of a good challenge, there is a drink in hand making everything that much more exciting! Games, challenges, laughs, and bragging rights – count us in.


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But wait, there is more

Sometimes the week seems like it will never end – and it’s only Tuesday. At Platinum City Gaming, we get it, which is why we have events going on all week long! If hump day seems like an eternity away, be sure to check us out on Facebook to see what we currently have up our sleeve. From Call of Duty tournaments to Dungeons & Dragons, basketball lessons to talent events, we host a range of events that provide the much needed escape for everyone of every interest.


Instead of searching endlessly through bars in Taunton this weekend, stop by and visit us at Platinum City Gaming. With the largest selection of games and the best selection of beverages, this barcade is exactly what you need.

Visit us at 294 Winthrop Street in Taunton, MA, and leave the stress of everyday life behind!


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