November 8, 2018 @ 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Platinum City Gaming
294 Winthrop St
Taunton, MA 02780
Van Latimore III

Play with PCG will be a new series that we will be starting during our PCG Unplugged Thursdays were we will pick a different game every week to present and teach whoever is interested to play.

We are kicking off this brand new series with Starcap Games. Starcap games is a local independent game studio based right here in Massachusetts. Coming from Somerville, they have created the games The Ecokids and the Paper Pests, Zippy Drinks and Now Everyone Get The F%$# Out!. Starcap Games themselves will be coming out for this event to show us how to play Everyone Get the F%$# Out! Come to join PCG and Starcap Games and learn a new game then you can get the F%$# out!…just kidding, hope you stay.

Event Details:
Date: 11/8/18
Time: 6pm to 9pm
Cover Charge to play: $5

Game: Now Get The F%$# Out!

Game Description:
Now Everyone Get The F%$# Out! is a fast-paced, screw-your-friends-over party game. You and the other players play as college students trying to study for a final in a wild partying dorm hall. The only way to get the partiers out of your dorm room and study is to make the other player’s rooms more fun than yours using crazy party Items (like live band, filled keg, and pet rock, to name a few) and messing with the other players using Actions. Players are seldom in a position of winning or losing for very long, and there’s plenty of Instant Actions that can be thrown down at any time to change things up. Whoever can get all the partiers out of their room first wins! Each game takes 10-15 minutes with 3-5 players. Playing with over 5 players is functional and fun, but increases game time. With 50 unique items and 70 wild Actions to draw from, each game brings something new to the table! For more information, go to starcapgames.com/f-out

Company: Starcap Games
Website: http://www.starcapgames.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/starcapgames
Where to purchase the game: https://goo.gl/LDEgFs