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What PCG does


Tournaments are a huge part of the PCG culture. With eSports getting bigger, we want to provide gamers a chance to compete at pro levels.

Service Rentals

Need tournament organizers, gaming equipment for your event, stream setup or more? We can help you with all your needs. Email for more details.

Birthday Parties

Take your birthday party to the next level and make it a PCG party. Over 20 systems and hundreds of games to choice from.

Twitch Stream

With gaming taking over the online world, PCG has a Stream Team for all your entertainment needs. Catch our live streams and tournaments.

About Platinum City Gaming

Platinum City Gaming is not just about playing video games. PCG is a community of gamers that get together to enjoy their passion with others and to share experiences; to create new memories and expand friendships is our priority. Building an environment that allows people to share their passion without the worries of being judged for who they are and what they love, is a core component of being a gamer. Gaming communities is a beautiful blend of gender, nationalities, age, and backgrounds. What we do is create events, and provide a place for gamers of new and old as well as hardcore and casual to enjoy together. By hosting tournaments, birthday parties, helping other venues and having several types of events, we do our best to bring a great gaming experience to local areas. With all the positive things video games can bring, it is a great tool to tap into the youth to motivate and encourage to better one’s self. By using the power of a controller, we are bringing people together with one game at a time.

Who We Have Worked With

Need for Seat (Maxnomic)

NEEDforSEAT USA sells quality, ergonomic Computer, Office and PC Gaming chairs to the United States and Canada.

Their seats are styled like those found in race cars and designed for long, comfortable use. Uniquely adjustable, NEEDforSEAT’s designsencourage healthy posture when sitting — no more tension and pain.

Game Underground

Game Underground is more than just a store. Game Underground is a haven for all gamers in New England and beyond. Upon your entrance to Game Underground you will quickly realize that beyond the classic games, cutting edge games, birthday parties, tournaments and more is a community of people who are just like you. Gamers for the sake of gaming. Friendly competition is always welcome and encouraged. Once you set foot within the walls of Game Underground, you will never want to return to the national game chains again.

One Up Games

One Up Games is Southeastern Massachusetts gaming center out of Plainville. We offer walk in pay per hour video game console play, PC gaming, birthday or special event hosting and after school computer enrichment programs. 

One Up Games has the lots of consoles available for play with a constant running list of the best games for all ages.

Game Over Entertainment

Game Over Entertainment is a full service event management and production firm with a focus in gaming and social events.  From company parties for 100 people to convention scale events with over 10,000, Game Over is who you call when it must be done right.  Founded in 2011 by Scott Trano, Game Over has grown to be one of the largest gaming event producer in New England.  Over 30 years of combined event production experience, a vast inventory of equipment, partnerships with local companies and venues, and the expert touch to make every detail of your event come to life.  We are Game Over Entertainment, and we create experiences.

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