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Platinum City Gaming in Taunton, MA. Our Entertainment Center / Gaming Lounge is open for business and abiding by Massachusetts Covid-19 protocol. We want to remind everyone that you can enjoy our arcade, bar & games in a clean atmosphere. We're here to help you find entertainment and enjoyment during the fall/winter months. I'd like to thank all of our supporters who've helped support us during the past years and would love to see some new faces in the future. Stay safe and healthy!"long with Bumper

Open 6 Days a Week

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What we provide

We are a Video Game Center that provides more than video games. We have video game consoles from this gen all the way back to the classics of NES, Atari and more. On top of consoles we provide gaming PCs, VR, arcade cabinets, Half Court Basketball, Pool Tables and even bouncy houses for the little ones . On top of all that we also have a bar area that we sell food and alcohol beverages as well. 

Inside Platinum City Gaming there is old school gaming systems like Game cube, Atari, to the PS5. If you prefer gaming computers they have you covered. There is a VR system, and Arcade style games along with Bumper Cars!

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What is Platinum City Gaming?

Platinum City Gaming is not just about playing video games. PCG is a community of gamers that get together to enjoy their passion with others and to share experiences; to create new memories and expand friendships is our priority. Building an environment that allows people to share their passion without the worries of being judged for who they are and what they love, is a core component of being a gamer. Gaming communities is a beautiful blend of gender, nationalities, age, and backgrounds. What we do is create events, and provide a place for gamers of new and old as well as hardcore and casual to enjoy together. By hosting tournaments, birthday parties, helping other venues and having several types of events, we do our best to bring a great gaming experience to local areas. With all the positive things video games can bring, it is a great tool to tap into the youth to motivate and encourage to better one's self. By using the power of a controller, we are bringing people together with one game at a time. Entertainment Center now offering Video Game Lounge, full service sports bar , arcade games , Virtual Reality and half - court basketball area for 1-2 or 2v2 games , bumper cars, jukebox and more !

Birthday Parties

Looking for a place to host your child’s next birthday party? Are you an adult and want a place to host your own birthday party? Well we can help at all ages. With birthday packages of different shapes and sizes we can help make your birthday experience great.

Private Events

Looking to rent a space out for your own private event? PCG can be your all in one place. We not only provide the space but the entertainment, food and more. Why rent a space and have to fill it yourself? PCG can help for your next event. 

  • Camps
  • School Event
  • Team Building
  • Bachelor and Bachelorette parties
  • and more


Fundraisers can be tough because it is all about getting people to help out for the cause but also be entertained. But the question is often “How can people be entertained within a budget?” We can help you with your fundraising needs. Reach out today to find out more. 

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